The pursuit of excellence has always been a necessity and a mission for IDEA S.p.A. Working with the most demanding clientele, offering products and services of the highest level, both from a creative and qualitative standpoint, have made it imperative for the company to strongly commit to this mission. This requires a common effort from all the actors involved in the process.


Thanks to its internal team of textile designers, the extensive archive and the rich specialized library, IDEA S.p.A. is able to respond to its clientele’s requests in a timely manner. Inputs and Ideas are developed into an array of creative proposals often taking the proportions of an authentic custom-made collection.


IDEA S.p.A.’s textile division boasts extensive experience in the technical rendering of the most complex patterns and designs. The choice of fabric qualities, printing techniques, manufacturing details are both qualitative and technical to meet  the expectations of the most demanding clientele. Thanks to its vertical structure IDEA S.p.A. is able to oversee the entire production process maximizing efficiency and timing.


IDEA S.p.A offers highly customized services to meet the desires and expectations of its often whimsical luxury fashion clients. By strictly following the entire process, from the design development to the delivery of the finished product, the company is able to optimize production efficiency and delivery time. Recently IDEA S.p.A. has introduced engineered printing  among its services to allow a conservative use of resources while maintaining the highest quality level.