IDEA S.p.A. was founded in Como, Italy 1976 by brothers Walter and Bruno Ragazzi. Strong in their belief that the way to success resided in offering clients the highest level of tailored service, the Ragazzi brothers put together a team of professionals to closely work with the clients on every phase of the creative and production process. They decided to start their own business leveraging on their past experiences in the Como textile industry and on the relationships they had been able to establish.


In 2016  IDEA S.p.A. celebrates its 40th anniversary. The company is still owned by the Ragazzi brothers who, in the course of the years, have expanded the realms of services offered to its clientele and secured strong and long-lasting partnerships with clients and suppliers.

The company’s strategic approach hasn’t changed. The focus on customer service, flexibility and professionalism for which the company has been renown since its beginning are still the foundation of its corporate philosophy.


Every day IDEA S.p.A. faces new business challenges, whether it comes to the innovation of products and processes or quickly adapting to the rapid markets changes, with the same flexibility and commitment which have always been in the company’s DNA. This is the winning strategy that has led the company to become a point of reference in the luxury Italian textile business and has allowed IDEA S.p.A to collaborate with some of the most prestigious fashion houses in world.